I am enchanted by the opulent and the uncommon. Growing up in a family of antique dealers I was introduced to a world of rare and exceptionally crafted objects and art. 

I am drawn to small things. As a child, the story of Gulliver’s travels and the land of the Lilliputians fascinated me. Lilliputians were tiny people ruled by an Emperor governing the land with illogical rules. In my miniature world, I become the Emperor creating order out of life.

The characters I create are handmade through a traditional studio practice of drawing, designing and sculpting maquettes(models) in clay over an anatomically designed wire armature. I then paint, costume and photograph them. The fashions and photographic process allows me to find expression for the characters in imagined realities. They are expressions of my history, aspirations and ideas about the future.

Before moving to the Bay area I lived in New York City where store windows with their changing reflections were my favorite form of theater. Designed to evoke the fantasies and aspirations of the viewer, they offer us an exaggerated, otherworldly version of life… a bridge between the inside and out. 

Lauri Panopoulos was born and raised in New York City. She received her MFA from The New York Academy of Art in Manhattan in 2008, and shortly thereafter began her studies at The International Center of Photography.