Photographed at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California

Photographed at The Getty Museum, Los Angeles, California

Silicon Valley, the land of innovation and technology. Two years ago, with my high heels and cocktail dresses in tow, I moved from New York City to the San Francisco Bay Area, the land of electric cars, artificial intelligence, hiking and hoodies.

Mystified and bedazzled, I was drowning in a sea of backpacks and wearables. Yearning for a touch of glamour, I began combining fashion and technology themes into my work.

The fantasy windows I create are unique pieces. Inspired by shop windows with their ever changing reflections, they are my favorite form of theater. Designed to evoke the fantasies and aspirations of the viewer they offer us an exaggerated otherworldly version of life, a bridge between our inner and outer selves. 

The characters I create are handmade through a traditional studio practice of drawing, designing and sculpting small models in clay over anatomically designed wire armatures. I then paint, costume and photograph them.

Lauri Panopoulos was born and raised in New York City. She received her MFA from The New York Academy of Art and shortly thereafter began her studies at The International Center of Photography. She currently lives in Silicon Valley where she can be seen hiking with her new hoodie and backpack.